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Tourist or Business Visitor Visa
Get a 5-10 year Visit Visa to the Best Country in the World!
That is right, 5-10 years.
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We would get you a 5-10 year Multi-entry Visa to Canada! It can open many options for you, including permanent residency
If you want to visit Canada you will need a Visitor Visa.
(1) The first is a "Tourist Visa", which you would need if you want to sight see in the country, or visit family members in Canada

(2) The second is a "Business Visitor" which you would need if you are coming to Canada for international business activities. Examples of this include someone who comes to Canada:
  • to meet people from companies doing business with your company
  • to observe site visits of businesses you own in Canada
  • because a Canadian company invited you for training
Both of which are called a "Temporary Resident Visa" (TRV). A TRV is an official document issued by an abroad Canadian visa office that is placed in your passport to show that you have met the requirements for admission to Canada as a temporary visitor.

Both are ultra useful. Both allow you entry, usually, for a period of 5-10 years, and both require an astounding amount of preparation and supporting documents to obtain successfully. This is where we can help
Learn the Difference
Tourist Visas and Business Visitor Visas
Tourist visas are sought by a foreigner to travel as a tourist. These days they are often rejected. A Business Visitor Visa (BVVs) is different. It is sought by a foreigner in order to visit Canada for a business purpose, such as attending a conference, or doing business in Canada.
BVVs must be substantiated by valid evidence, documenting the business connections and dealings in Canada. They should also accompany correspondence and host invitations regarding the latter. Due to their pressing nature, BVV applications are much more likely to be successful than tourist visas.
What is the right way of preparing a visa application?
Unfortunately, most untrained migration consultants just attach a bunch of documents together when applying, and in so pave the way for their client's failure. Once a visa is rejected, it is very hard to reverse.
Applying to Tourist or Business Visitor Visas is actually tricky. What is often missed is that Visa Officers must actually apply legal regulations when evaluating your visa application. This requires you to satisfy a legal test when submitting your application. Your application needs to address points such as:

  • Is your trip necessary for the purpose it sets out?
  • Does it appear that you are a bona fide true Tourist or Business Visitor?
  • Does the document trail support your identification as such?
  • Do your affairs (financial and otherwise) align with your claimed purpose for the visit
  • Do you present any risks of overstaying the visa, or claiming refugee status?
    • And several other questions
Your application should therefore be a well thought out disposition that meets the legal tests applied by Visa Officers. You can see from reviewing these factors that it is not to be made in haste. If you do a poor job in addressing the above factors, you risk obtaining a rejection. And rejections as you know are particularly harmful: They are permanently noted in your immigration record.
Why should you apply through Canadian licensed lawyers?
This is where Canadian lawyers like us can assist you in obtaining a positive Visa decision. We have consistently been able to produce positive results for tourists and business visitor clients.
We would:

  • Prepare legal submissions written individually for you to support their case
  • We know the law that pertains to Visit Visas, and would use it to strengthen your case
  • We know the 'supporting documents' that you need to prove your case
  • We know the legitimate arguments to prove a "valid reason" for visiting.

Although no immigration decision can be guaranteed, it is safe to say based on the above factors that working with us will at least double your chances of success when applying for a Tourist Visa or a Business Visitor Visa. When so much is at stake, it is not worth it to take a chance by working with anyone less qualified.
To qualify
You have to meet these main requirements
Have a "legitimate reason" for visiting Canada, like seeing family, conducting business, or true tourism. 'Searching for work' is not an acceptable reason.
Must show that you have a sufficient bank balance to support yourself throughout your stay in Canada. Generally, 30,000 CAD is a a minimum amount to show
Must demonstrate that you have enough "established connections" in your current country that would lead you to return. Ex: Family, job, assets, home, etc.
Are you eligible?
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Tourist Visa
With Invitations from your Family & Friends
$10,000 USD
  1. Assessment Completed
  2. All Visa forms prepared
  3. All Supporting Documents organized and prepared
  4. Submitted by us as your Legal Representatives

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Tourist Visa
Plus Our Submissions and Invitations from us as your Host
$12,500 USD
  1. All Visa forms prepared
  2. All Supporting Documents organized and prepared
  3. Submitted by us as your Legal Representatives
  4. Drafting Invitation Letter from Us
  5. Drafting Legal Submissions for section "Other Information" to bolster your case
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Business Visitor Visa
Our Submissions and Invitations from us + Business Dealings Arranged and Evidenced by us
$17,500 USD
  1. All Visa forms prepared
  2. All Supporting Documents organized and prepared
  3. Submitted by us as your Legal Representatives
  4. Invitation Letter from Us is Included
  5. Legal Submissions made in section "Other Information" to bolster your case
  6. Assessing the business reasons for your visit
  7. Submitting supporting contracts + documents to prove "reason" for visit
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