All About Us
We are a proactive law firm, hoping to benefit our clients, and the communities we serve. We have strengths in immigration, family, and business law.
  • Our Clients
    Our mission to our clients is to serve as a source of knowledge for them, to support them in their times of need, and guide them through their legal challenges.
  • Our partners
    Our mission to our partners is to collaborate with them and support them in achieving their own goals, through the donations and resources we offer them
  • Our Communities
    Our mission to our communities is to work together with all concerned parties to ensure that our communities become stronger, healthier, and more vibrant, tolerant, and equal.
  • We hope to partake in meaningful work every day, and to find grander meaning in our everyday lives
  • We hope to combine our work with a passion for seeing our communities healthy, vibrant, nurturing, tolerant, and free
  • We hope to inspire persons to contribute in their own way to whatever causes that motivate them
  • We hope to inspire businesses and colleagues to donate and engage actively with their communities to see to it that its members feel empowered, cared for, and included


We strive to

  • Deliver competent, accessible, and considerate legal services to our patrons,
  • Inspire our friends and neighbours to be proactive in addressing the social issues that are important to them,
  • Empower them with the knowledge and skills they need to positively contribute to their communities, and
  • Support them in their efforts to contribute.

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Our Community Efforts
Half of our yearly profits, minus our operating expenses, go directly to communities that need it
$ 20,000
We’re aiming to donate
33 %
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