Prince Edward Island
A familiar sight in Prince Edward Island, of colourful fishing villages, this in the French River
Large Farms By The Sea
See PEI Potatoes yourself: Rows and rows of potatoes growing in large farms, by the Sea.
Greenwich Park in P.E.I.
Marvel at changing landscapes in Greenwich Park in P.E.I.
New Brunswick
Peek at untamed nature in New Brunswick
Great Prov Inces in B,B
Count the 100s of creeks and waterfalls in these great prov inces, like in N.B
Sunrise in Nova Scotia
Walk the Ocean Coast at Sunrise in Nova Scotia
Colours at Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia
In Nova Scotia, you see sights like these, where the skies take all colours, at Peggy's Cove
Looks Different during daytime
And during the daytime it looks different but also perfect
Majestic Ocean From New Brunswick
And of course the majestic ocean, seen from New Brunswick