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Express Entry

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Can I have more than one Express Entry profile?

No. You may only have one profile at a time. This is set out in Canada’s immigration law.
Creating more than one profile will not give you a better chance at being invited or allow you to be invited under a different program.

In my online profile or application I am getting validation errors or it tells me that fields are incomplete when they are not. What do I do?

You may want to try using a different Web browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome. You should also check your browser’s language settings and make sure it is set to English or French as special characters can cause errors.
If you are still having a problem, try clearing your browser cache. Your browser’s Help section can tell you how to do this. If the problem continues, you can contact us.

Do I need an Educational Credential Assessment to apply under Express Entry?

To get points for your education under the Comprehensive Ranking System, you must either:

The online tool said I was eligible for Express Entry, but my completed profile says I’m not. Which one is right?

The online tool asks general questions to see if you may be eligible for one of the programs under Express Entry.
The Express Entry profile asks more specific and detailed questions about your qualifications. It is possible that after you gave more detailed information in your Express Entry profile that you are, in fact, not eligible.
Only a complete Express Entry profile can be used to fully assess if you are eligible.