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Protecting an estate left without a Will

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Protecting an estate left without a Will

May 2017

We acted for a group of siblings whose last remaining parent had died intestate, and took actions to protect their interests.


A group of siblings approached us regarding their deceased parent’s estate. Their sister had volunteered herself to administer the estate on everyone else’s behalf, however it became apparent that she was not sticking to agreed actions.

how we helped

The sister was failing to keep her siblings informed, as well as distributing money and other assets against the rules of intestacy (the regulations that govern the management of estates without Wills).

We advised the other siblings about the intestacy rules and other legal avenues, such as those within the non-contentious probate rules. We then acted to prevent their sister from dispersing or spending any more of the estate’s assets.


Finally, we enforced the appointment of an independent estate administrator to independently manage the legal distribution of the estate. All parties were therefore ensured of fair distribution of the estate.