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Planning Appeal - Acquisition of a house to convert into a multi-unit rental property.

Recent Successes
Planning Appeal in Toronto
April, 2019

A decision against residential conversion is overturned after our Planning team gets involved.

In April 2018, a Toronto based homeowner contacted us following the acquisition of a house in Toronto and the Municipality’s dismissal of an appeal to convert into a multi-unit rental property.

how we helped
We advised the client that the appeal inspector had applied the relevant policy tests incorrectly, and as a result had come to a decision based on faulty reasoning. We indicated that the way forward would be to submit a Superior Court action to challenge the decision and set out the policy errors.

Following the submission of a court action, the Planning Inspection Office consented to judgment, allowing the appeal to be determined afresh, in our client’s favour. The client was delighted with our advice and our thinking outside the box, which other professional advisers had shied away from.