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Succeeded in Sponsoring Parents by Canadian Children

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Succeeded in Sponsoring Parents in India by Canadian Children

May 2019

Our client had built up a shop business over several years in Toronto. He and his married sister had been sending money to their parents in India. Over time the parents have become frail and needed help. They wanted them to come join them in Canada as Permanent Residents.

How we helped
We advised the clients regarding the various options available to them as of May 2019 to sponsor their parents including applying for the Super visa, a Humanitarian Application, or a Family Sponsorship Application. We then prepared a Sponsorship Application based on the guaranteed financial support that the clients can offer their parents, and submitted it in the allotted time set by the Canadian government.

In conjunction, we procured visitor visas for the parents so that they are able to visit their children in Canada during the interim waiting time.


We canvassed various options to ensure that parents are able to reunite with their children quickly, and choose the most expedient and affordable ones to ensure that this happens.