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New Partner Announced: Duke Consultancy as our exclusive partner in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and India

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Our management team first met the management of Duke Consultancy in 2020, when they reached out to us to assist with a particular client's file. We proceeded to help that client learn about his immigration options to Canada, and since that time, we continued regular meetings with Duke Consultancy wherein we would meet and educate several of their clients, and friends, on immigration to Canada. In 2021, Duke Consultancy decided to step up their service offerings in Canadian immigration, and we supported them full heartedly in learning about the Canadian immigration system, and communicating that knowledge to the members of the public that they serve

Now, a year later, in May 2022, it is a fitting time to take our friendship and support further by officially partnering with Duke Consultancy and Duke Training Center, to offer immigration options to residents of Abu Dhabi, UAE, and India. Duke Consultancy is our exclusive partner in these regions. In most cases, we have lowered our regular fees for clients of Duke Consultancy, and we hope this move will encourage the clients and potential candidates of Duke to contact them in order to begin the process of immigrating, studying, or doing business in Canada.

We look forward to many successful cases together. Please email if you are seeking to be connected to the management of Duke Consultancy to help you with your immigration options, or email:


Duke Training Centre came into working since 2004. This institute has been a pioneer in providing quality technical and practical education in the private sector in UAE. We at the Duke Training Centre are always into providing the options to you for the excellence in your career. Duke Training Centre has an unrivaled notoriety for conveying and composing abilities for preparation that works

DUKE CONSULTANCY is the affiliate company of the training center. It began operation in 2021, with a focus on offering skilled workers and students immigration routes to Canada. It is a registered business in Abu Dhabi, the UAE.