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Succeeded in challenging a negative tourist visa application

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Succeeded in challenging a negative tourist visa application

April 2019

Our clients live in Jordan. They have siblings that are Canadian citizens and living in Canada. They submitted a tourist application but it has been rejected. The Officer highlighted that they did not believe that the applicants would return back to their country, or that they have enough ties in their home country.

How we helped
Visa applications often hinge on the details. Applicants need to demonstrate a clear intention that they will enter Canada for the purpose of tourism. We worked with the entire family, in both Jordan and in Canada, to prove that the Applicants has sufficient financial resources, many assets in Jordan, and several employment, family, and extracurricular ties that demonstrates their intention to return. We submitted over 50 pages of such supporting documentations.

After three months of waiting for the processing of their applications, the applicants received a positive decision, and were able to visit their siblings in Canada.