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The Bank of Scotia is partnering with. MaRS to develop the Canadian entrepreneurship ecosystem

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Scotiabank partners with C100 and MaRS to grow the Canadian entrepreneurial ecosystem

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TORONTO, March 11, 2020
Strategic Partnerships help Scotiabank drive AI innovation and adoption for improved customer experience and societal good
TORONTO, March 11, 2020 /CNW/ - Scotiabank, a leading bank in the Americas, has partnered with C100, the global community of Canadians in tech, and MaRS, North America's largest urban innovation hub, to support the growth of the Canadian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

"We are delighted to partner with C100 and MaRS to broaden the Bank's innovation ecosystem and engage a tremendous pool of talent," said Kristal Au-Yong, Senior Vice President Innovation & Insights Analytics, Scotiabank. "Through these partnerships we're supporting and driving AI innovation and adoption for business and societal good while improving our overall customer experience."
In forging these two partnerships, Scotiabank has increased its access to emerging technologies coming out of the Toronto and Silicon Valley innovation ecosystems, while enabling the growth of these companies through access to funding and expansion opportunities. Both partnerships offer engagement with Roynat Capital, an arm of Scotiabank's Canadian Business Banking unit, to provide flexible financing solutions that meet the unique needs of technology and innovation firms.
  • The partnership with MaRS provides Scotiabank access to more than 1,200 Canadian tech companies, as well as, research, event participation and executive education sessions. Alongside MaRS, the Bank will help drive artificial intelligence innovation and its adoption for business and societal good.
  • Supporting C100 aligns Scotiabank to exceptional Canadian talent and entrepreneurs in major tech hubs across Canada, the US, and beyond. Scotiabank will work with C100 to help Canadian entrepreneurs expand by providing international business contacts and exposure.
  • The collaboration supports the global Canadian technology community by providing access to funding and solutions, from Roynat Capital, designed for technology and innovation firms.
"With its vast footprint across the Americas and its dedication to Canada's entrepreneurs, having Scotiabank as a Foundational Partner at C100 is a very exciting thing to C100 and the entrepreneurs we support" said Laura Buhler, President & Executive Director of C100. "Not only is Scotiabank uniquely positioned to enable entrepreneurs to grow their business in these markets, but the bank is supporting C100 in our mandate to build the preeminent global community of Canadians in tech."  
"We are thrilled to have Scotiabank join the MaRS community," said Jon Dogterom, Senior Vice President of Venture Services at MaRS. "Critical to our mission of helping Canada's most promising start-ups grow, is building the connections between the entrepreneurial community and corporations. Establishing the bridges for idea sharing will continue to drive innovation in Canada's financial sector."
"As an institution with a footprint spanning the Americas, we understand the power of networks. The opportunity to bring these two important Canadian networks closer through a relationship with Scotiabank and Roynat Capital is an opportunity to strengthen our ecosystem and support the growing impact of our technology sector," said David Rozin, Vice President Technology & Innovation Banking, Roynat Capital.